Monday, January 28, 2008

You’re in the majority of American workers

Did your alarm clock go off too early this morning?

I’ll bet you rolled over, banged around the night stand, and hit the snooze, didn’t you?

“Just a few more minutes of sleep and I’ll feel better,” you thought.

When those 9 minutes passed and your alarm went off again, did you feel better?

Were you excited about going to work this morning?

Or, was there a knot in your stomach again?

And your mind was screaming, “Not again!”

Would it help you to know that you’re in the majority of American workers?

That’s right—every survey of American workers I’ve ever seen says that anywhere from 50% to 64% are dissatisfied at work.

In other words, they have that same knot in the stomach you do.

And the same screaming thought—“Not again!”

Most of the people I coach who are in this majority of American workers are just making a living and missing the significance of making a life. In fact, they’re convinced they don’t have a life. Many of them believe they don’t deserve a life.

Unlearning that kind of negative thinking is one of the first things we work in Quit Work Forever coaching.

You can make a life, not just a living.

You can make a life AND a living!

And YES, you deserve both!

“But how?” you’re wondering. “How do I do that?”

That’s the purpose of this no-charge to you Quit Work Forever Introductory Series of emails—to get you started on making a life and a living.